About Brooke Arnold:

Brooke Arnold is a rising star of the New York City comedy scene.

Her autobiographical and political stand-up is dark, intelligent, and brutally honest. She loves to challenge audiences to think as much as she enjoys making them laugh. And, her daring comedy has won her fans all of the country.

You can see her performing her daring brand of comedy almost any night in New York City. She has been featured on Wendy Williams, Brooklyn Public Television, MadHouse TV, and WKTU 103.5.

She has performed at some of the hottest comedy clubs in the US: Stand Up NY, Broadway Comedy Club, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, Eastville Comedy Club, The Creek & The Cave, Laughing Devil Comedy Club, Charm City Comedy Club, and many more. She was a Finalist in the 2014 Make Me Laugh Comedy Festival.


More About Brooke Arnold:

Brooke Arnold is originally from Texas: the land of George W. Bush, Jessica Simpson, and lethal injections. Fortunately, while living there, she managed to avoid all three. Although she has been asked many times if that was her feet in Bush’s bathtub painting. She coyly refuses to answer.

Brooke Arnold has been a lifelong comedy fanatic. Her relationship to comedy has often been compared to the relationship of Tom Cruise to Scientology. Although Comedy has yet to ask her to make propaganda videos wearing a black turtleneck on its behalf. But, for the record, she totally would.



  1. Carolyn says:

    Just read your article in Salon.

    Dear heart, I don’t think readers realize how courageous you are.
    Out of the depths of fundamentalism’s “Mind-Forg’d Manacles”, you rose from the ashes with integrity, honesty and humor.

    My own childhood experience with reactionary Catholicism did not completely keep me from the influence of the world of ideas and diverse people (thank God! The opportunity to explore probably saved my mind and my faith too), but oh the damage it did to my psyche. And yet, dealing with the damage gave me the depth to become the seeker that I am.

    Thank you for shining your light on the abuse of fundamentalism. It’s been hiding behind a shiny veneer for too long.

  2. Edie says:

    Just read your Salon article on the Duggars, and I’m so impressed. You have no idea how brave you are! Keeping telling the truth!

  3. nita says:

    I don’t know anything about you other than what is told in the article written by you (Salon article on the duggars). Your story is essentially my story, and I escaped the cult like existence with ‘charismatic christians’ in Texas and I live quite a great life now in Northern Ca, successful career, family, sexually unashamed and unapologetic. I was, of course, cut off from nearly every person I knew when I left (at 21). Like you, I figured (their) god would strike me dead, but didn’t. Starting over IS possible and creating your own new ‘tribe’ is possible. There are plenty of good, ethical people who do not believe in the oppression of women.

    Still, I lie awake at night, sometimes, thinking of the girls that are still ‘trapped’. The picture of the little white church and steeple (like on your blog) anywhere I see one creeps me out, still. If I had gotten pregnant at 17 when I was married, I would have probably stayed as well.

    How can I support you?

  4. AG says:

    Here from the Salon piece. Your strength is amazing and your ability to turn your experience into art is insanely impressive. Just…thought someone should add that thought to your day. Instant fan!

  5. Briggs says:

    Thank you so much for your article. Standing up in the face of the sure to follow backlash is something I wish I could do. Reading your words got me a little closer. Religious fanaticism is vile and violent on so many levels; it is great that you brought this particular brand of it to light. We need more folks like you in this world!

  6. Dana Eyraud says:

    Wow! By far, this is THE best and most intelligent explanation about families like the Duggars. I am posting Brooke’s article to my FB page asap!

    Brooke eloquently explains exactly how these families become adversely affected and brain washed into these bizarre/ quasi Christian cults. You can tell how deep her emotional connection to all of this runs, just by reading the broad expression of grief and yearning in her words.

    Fact- These mega “Quiverful/Christian” families become highly susceptible to things like incest, sexual abuse of children and skewed moral boundaries safely tucked away in their tight knit, reclusive, secretive and extremist fundamentalist Christian cult communities.

    Fact- The Gothard “Quiverful” Movement is NOT a real Christian faith. Nor is it a good representation of what real main stream, loving Christianity is all about. The Duggar family has now left a sour taste in all real Christian families mouths, while making all Christians look bad. Like most cults, they’ve sullied and dirtied OUR good name! This fanatical, mass child producing, anti birth control, anti-gay Christian religious group that the Duggars follow is a sadistic, twisted and sexist cult version that USES the Bible and good name of a forgiving, loving savior named Jesus to deceive people!

    Anyone looking for a logical, simple and REAL Christian answer as to why the Duggar family seems a little strange, spacey and just way too perfect, (especially in light of having 19 kids and the very recent, yet long protected DARK family secrets that Josh Duggar molested his own sisters)… need to look no further than right here. Read Brooke’s article! She lived and survived this cult! God bless you Brooke.

    Fact- The quasi Christian/ Gothard “Quiverful” Movement and Bill Gothard himself convinced the Duggars, a long time ago, to “partner up” with his fast growing, conservative “Christian” cause. The Duggars became brainwashed into believing almost everything this man told them.

    The Duggars met Gothard at a very vulnerable point in their young lives. This is when many good people become involved in religious cults. The Duggars were vulnerable, hurting and looking for answers. They were ripe for the pickin!

    Michelle and Jim Bob experienced great guilt when Michelle miscarried a baby she was carrying years ago, after taking birth control pills. They’ve both talked about this deep grief in many of their TV shows.

    Gothard preyed upon the Duggars guilt, youth, and lack of education in solid Christian teachings, principles and forgiveness. He promised them a way back to Jesus and forgiveness of their sins of causing a miscarriage, but only IF they accepted and followed HIS interpretation of the Bible, HIS interpretation of Jesus, repentance and forgiveness and HIS extremist cult beliefs about sex, marriage, dating, courting, birth control, his home schooling program, church etc.

    I have no doubts, just as most cult leaders do, Gothard probably encouraged the Duggars to pray about his teachings and to ask God if this was the true Christian interpretation of the Bible and God’s word. These are the sorts of things what ALL cult leaders ask of their followers, to convince them that they are special, one of only a few chosen of God and more apt to gain God’s favor over others, in light of the “enlightened” and “TRUE” Christian teachings they live.

    Here is the thing about reading the scriptures, as every real Christian believer already knows; The scriptures have a way of opening up and delivering a highly personal message to everyone who reads them. One person’s interpretation may not necessarily be another person”s interpretation, based on the lives they’ve led, education and/or how Jesus chooses to touch their heart while reading the scriptures. The message that the Bible delivers is slightly different for everyone. Yet, there are particular moral rights and wrongs that are repeatedly expressed throughout the Bible in stories, that leave little to no wiggle room in interpretation. Surely, the Duggars knew how strongly the scriptures speak against evils like sexual abuse of children, cover ups and family lies?

    The problem that I have with the Duggars isn’t so much that their son Josh isn’t perfect and committed some pretty abusive sexual acts against his young sisters several years ago. No one is perfect. No family is perfect. We all sin and fall short of God’s grace and glory.

    The BIG problem I have with the Duggars now is how, while using the name of Jesus, they LIED to millions of people about who they really are. We faithfully tuned in each week to watch this large and perfect “Christian” family that would put Mike and Carol Brady to shame! While all along, the Duggars were playing the roles of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    Jim Bob worked a brilliant and years long manipulation and cover up of facts. HIs brilliant cover up and further involvement of church and even local law inforcement officials, allowed Josh Duggar to escape criminal prosecution from the repeated sexual abuse of Jim Bob’s own daughters! Did Gothard and his church leadership play any role in this ugly cover up? It would make sense to me, as Gothard himself, was hiding his own past pedophile behavior with young teenage church going girls for YEARS! How can anyone NOT see this for what it is? CULT behavior!

    What of Josh and the years that he was a victim of this cult? Did someone molest him? What of the police officer who talked to Josh and Jim Bob years ago and who is now serving a jail sentence in Arkansas for child pornography? How closely did this creep know the Duggars and how often was this man allowed to be around Josh Duggar in his childhood? What other dirty family secrets is Jim Bob Duggar covering now?

    Even Josh Duggar himself acted as if he had basically “gotten away with it”. He acted as if no sexual abuse against his sisters happened and never breathed a public word of his past sexual crimes. Josh was SO sure of himself, his TV fame and his family’s continued silence, that he sold his used car lot in Arkansas, moved to Washington DC and took a VERY public political job at a powerful conservative Christian lobbying committee in the DC area!

    Talk about having egg on their faces? One can only imagine the damage Josh Duggar and his dark sexual secret caused to this well known conservative group who actually does some good things and tries to protect the rights of the unborn! Imagine the people who lost faith and pulled their financial support from this conservative group, when Josh Duggar’s dirty secret was finally exposed. Did no one in the Duggar family ever think about the day when the TRUTH would finally come out? Did they really think this dirty family secret was buried forever? For how they all reacted, it would appear this is exactly what they thought!

    Obviously, had the family come out years ago, and publicly exposed the sexual sins of their eldest son Josh- there would have been NO “19 Kids and Counting!” There would have been NO TV show, NO speaking engagements, NO books, NO paid for vacations. NO trips, NO new buses and RV’s nor political power and most importantly… NO money or hope to support Jim Bob’s fast growing family! There would have been NO cushy and paid for in cash, large custom home for the Duggars.

    Jim Bob had a lot to lose financially, if his eldest son’s dirty little sex secret became public when it happened! Seems Jim Bob made a deal with the devil himself.

    As it is with most deals with the devil… the problems are in the details. Jim Bob sold out and hid the truth of his family’s sordid sexual past, his under aged teen son’s criminal sexual behavior and covered up the sexual abuse of his own daughters, for the sake of MONEY and FAME!

    And what about Josh and Anna buying an old “fixer upper” near the Duggar estate in Arkansas no more than 6-8 short weeks BEFORE this story broke wide open into the public eye? Where they already preparing and knew weeks beforehand that this creepy story was about to blow wide open? Where Josh and Anna already looking for a way out and new place to live, and easy way to quickly exit Washington DC?

    And, what is wrong with Anna’s parents? Anna was a child when she met and quickly married TV star Josh Duggar! Anna’s parents and even Anna herself claim they all knew that Josh molested his own sisters. Yet, beyond belief, her parents still allowed their child bride daughter Anna to marry Josh Duggar! Seems the promise and lure of marrying into money, TV shows and fame over-rode any common sense about this guy’s lack of moral boundaries or possible HUGE family, emotional and mental issues.

    Is Josh Duggar a pedophile? That remains to be seen. But, do I worry about his young children and their future safety? You bet! Anyone with a shred of common sense would worry! I get so sick of reading people’s responses to “leave the Duggars alone and let them deal with their own family issues!” Hey! Let’s NOT forget that THEY tossed themselves into the public eye and allowed all of us to follow them into some of the most intimate and personal parts of their family history! The fact they THEY put themselves out there, for full public display to make money, makes them freely open to public scrutiny!

    Fact- Like so many cults through out history, the ever growing Gothard “Quiverful” Movement is an extremist, controlling, sexist religious cult that abuses children and women. It hides it’s demented cult beliefs under the good name of Christianity, a real loving savior named Jesus Christ and a supposed protective Christian patriarchal order. (Just like extremist religious cults like ISIS hide their evil cult beliefs under the good name of Islam and a supposed protective patriarchal order.)

    The scriptures clearly teach people to beware of false prophets. They’ve been coming and going for thousands of years. Cults prey on a man’s fear of death, confusion about religious beliefs and different faiths, the end times and signs of the times.

    Even the Nazi party was in reality- based in a religious cult whose roots came from old European stories about a superior and god-like white “aryan” race! These evil, false cult beliefs later spread and led to an evil, fanatical leader named Adolph Hilter and the genocide of over 6 million innocent Jewish people, whom Hilter and his Aryan/ Nazi followers viewed as inferior. (Much the same way that ISIS followers now view non-believers and Christians as inferior “infidels” worthy of death.)

    Don’t doubt for a moment, that a Christian cult like “Quiverful”, which the Duggars were involved in, privately think themselves “superior” to those around them. I mean really? They did a TV show for several years, acting confidently that Josh Duggar’s secret sexual sins would NEVER rise to any public scrutiny! Doesn’t this just prove how powerful and controlling this family thinks they’ve become?

    We live in a rapidly changing world, where cult groups like the Quiverful Movement are spreading, like wildfire, their false teachings to recruit more and more believers. This movement USED the show 19 Kids and Counting to further their own sick cause. Fact- More believers equals more power and more MONEY!

    Maybe it’s a good thing that Josh Duggar’s dirty little secret came out? Maybe it’s a good thing that everyone finally knows that there is no such thing as a perfect family? Maybe it’s a blessing that the Duggar’s show was canceled?

    Maybe God’s hand played a role in all of this? And, maybe… because all these things happened… maybe someday soon, the “Quiverful Movement” will move on into the sunset like so many other cults before it?

    And, maybe, just like the very brave, funny and brilliant Brooke… a few of the Duggar kids might find their ways OUT of this destructive religious system and back to the light of a real loving Christian church and into the real loving arms of a man named Jesus?

    As Christians, we can always pray for the best for the Duggar family. God loves us all equally. As Christians, there is hope, healing, love and forgiveness for all… Even a sinner like me or you… and even a sexual abuser like Josh Duggar.

    Most Christians in this world don’t find their way back to Jesus by acting perfect, while tossing all common sense and birth control pills in the trash can.

    Fact- We all sin and make mistakes. The journey back to God, our hope of Heaven and eternal life is a different and highly personal journey for each and every person on the face of this earth. Our spiritual understanding can grow and change over time. That’s how much God loves us! That’s how closely and personally he knows us and cares.

    Fact- Mass producing children that can not be financially or emotionally taken care of in this world is just as much a sin as the countless immoral and worldly people in this world who shut themselves into self centered shells while greedily hoarding millions of dollars and doing nothing to help others in need.

    As Christians, we are NOT allowed to use our personal judgement to point the finger of blame at others. We use the scriptures and God’s word to interpret right from wrong, and HIS moral compass in the world around us. And for what I know as a Christian, there’s barely a greater sin out there, than the evil acts perpetrated by these cunning Christian cult leaders who use the Bible, Jesus and God’s loving word to twist things to their personal liking and interpretation. As Christians, we need to stop turning away from those who sully the name of Jesus and are turning OUR faith into something that is gravely hated in the world today. We need to stand together and proclaim God’s truth and love!

    • Nora says:

      Thank you for writing it better than anyone else I have seen. I hope Anna protects those babies. I wonder if a LICENSED therapist was really used. Anna is about to have another girl.. I hope they are protected.

  7. Maud says:

    Thank you for your enlightening, well-written article in Salon. I didn’t know anything about the Duggars or their beliefs until the recent sexual abuse scandal, and what I have learned so far makes me admire your courage and appreciate your shedding some much-needed light on this cult. I look forward to your book. Best wishes to you!

  8. Cheryl says:

    the Salon article gets right to the heart of the matter and exposes the evils of fundamentalism in a forthright and personal manner. you show how restricting freedom and exploiting others is no way to spread the Word. your words will help others to escape their chains. well done.

  9. Nicole says:

    Your article on Salon really touched my heart. I was raised Roman Catholic. I grew up completely confused by my body. I was not prepared to have healthy relationships or to have feminist thoughts. I suffered abuse and date rape.

    Now I openly speak out for women and men. Women need to have confidence and autonomy. Men need to be allowed to express their emotions and to be encouraged to be “good” instead of “strong.”

    I do not practice Catholicism anymore, but I thank The Universe for you and your talents.

  10. av says:

    Loved yur article on the Duggars and their culture. I am Roman catholic but my husband is Muslim. He also grew up in an extremely conservative file. He was abused. Sexually, emotionally, physically. He struggles with feeling that he belongs and is loved. Your article has been a window for me into his childhood. Thank you. Thank you for helping me better understand my husband and his upbringing.

  11. Diana says:

    Hello dear Brooke,

    I’m so sorry you had such a sinful upbringing (not because you were in sin, but because the adults around you were enjoying justifying and carrying out their sins in a church environment). You have no idea how much I wish you had a nurturing experience in the years where the words God, Lord, grace, salvation, Jesus and love were becoming meaningful in your soul.

    Thank you for your article (“I could’ve been…”) and for opening to some of your most painful and horrific experiences for the masses to open their eyes to faith exploitation, manipulation and abuse of individuals (and organizations) that dare to call themselves Christian.

    As a survivor of some of this crimes, I want you to know that it is possible to take off the choking grip of trauma while keeping the Lord close to heart. If it wasn’t by Him, I would be so lost… and I’ve also found many opportunities to preach about it and share my story. Be glad that the long lived silence on abuse is being lifted. 🙂

    May the Lord bless you and keep you in Christ! Know you are very loved by the Almighty.

  12. Jo says:

    Your a Brave Women to crawl out of that Cult religious hole, and be able to speak up about it, and keep
    your sense of humor.
    You have made the Usa a better world.

    I could not stop reading your Article in Salon.
    It sounds almost like the Jewish Hasidic Women..The men run there lives, although they say its God!

    Being Jewish is not extreme. But it is when any Religion turns into a cult, and controls you.
    When your told what to wear, when to do it, where to do it, how to do it, what to say, what to eat, not much education, not letting you experience life on your own terms even as an Adult etc.

    Its the Do’s and the Dont’s, and God is going to punish you type of Control.
    It’s Child Abuse, and isn’t that Illegal..!

    Your Article makes me wonder, how can these religious cults, get away with Raping children, and Women?
    Why are they Above the Law?

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