1. Pricely Francis says:

    I am writing a book called “My Bible Says The Darndest Things.” I heard your interview on SXM Progress with Michelangelo.

    I would like to quote you for my chapter: “Man, It’s Hard being A Woman.” Some things you said about the male being the authority over women and children fits right into my claim that the Bible is outdated, and if followed strictly, would rob women of whatever rights and privileges they have gained in the modern world.

    Am on your website trying to find your article to see if any of what you said on the interview is include.

    Hope to make contact one way or the other.

    Pricely Francis

  2. Rebecca Jean says:

    Dearest Brooke,
    I read your article on Salon and just wanted to send a thank you for your honesty. Just look how far you’ve come…wow. You mentioned a GED in the Salon article. You must have since gone to college, your writing is flawless. It’s sad the bible is now often misinterpreted and used for control by hateful means rather than as a love letter from God. Man’s wickedness, IMO, has taken over the churches and God will repay. If you find time, I will leave a link so you can read what I wrote on Salon. I was very pleased someone finally exposed this Duggar “church” for what it is. Truth will prevail.

    I wish you all the best in your pursuits in this life. Keep that smile and continue to do good and shine.

    Many Blessings,
    Rebecca Jean

    BTW….I do not attend or follow ANY church. I am a believer, but leave religion out of my relationship with God. 🙂


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